Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your tiny bundle! I'm Courtney Smith, and I have been a doula serving the Dallas-Fort. Worth, Texas area since 2015. My husband and I have three wonderful children, whose lives give me great joy and purpose. It's through birthing and parenting them that I've discovered another passion: helping women and their partners as they experience one of life's greatest journeys.

My personal childbirth experiences vary greatly. I've had a medicated hospital birth, an un-medicated home birth and an un-medicated hospital birth after a home birth transfer. Through those experiences, I've discovered that quality childbirth education and a solid support system can help women have truly amazing, empowered births.

My birth philosophy:

While I fully believe in a woman's ability to birth naturally (and am delighted to support your plan for a natural birth), I'm not on team un-medicated or team out-of-hospital, or any team except YOURS.

I am here to support your decisions for your birth, and to help your partner walk beside you during your pregnancy, labor and postpartum period.

Let's build a strong support team that will help you as you bring your baby into the world! 

More about me:

  • I breastfed my children for a total of more than five years combined
  • I helped form Dallas Birth Network in 2013, and served on the leadership team
  • I cloth diapered all three of my children
  • I love to sew and do other crafty things
  • I enjoy baking, especially cookies
 Dallas Flower Mound Frisco doula Courtney Smith